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26 Letter Pendant Couple Bracelet Necklace English Pendant

26 Letter Pendant Couple Bracelet Necklace English Pendant

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Product information:
Type: diy decorative accessories
Process: Electroplating
Color: A- stainless steel color, A- Gold, A- rose gold, B- stainless steel color, B- gold, B- rose gold, C- stainless steel color, C- gold, D-stainless steel, D-gold, D-Rose Gold, D-Rose Gold, E-stainless steel, E-gold, electronic rose gold, F-stainless steel, F-gold, F-rose gold, G-stainless steel, G-gold, G-rose gold, H-stainless steel, H-gold, H-rose gold, I-stainless steel, I-gold, I-rose gold, J-stainless steel, J-rose gold, K-stainless steel, K-gold, K-rose gold, L-stainless steel, L-steel, L-rose gold, M-rose gold N-stainless steel, N-gold, N-rose gold, O-stainless steel, O-Gold, O-rose gold, P-stainless steel, P-gold, P-rose gold, Q-stainless steel, Q-gold, Q-rose gold, R-stainless steel, R-gold, R-rose gold, S-stainless steel, S-gold, S-rose gold, T-stainless steel, T-gold, T-gold, T-rose gold, stainless steel. U-gold, U-rose gold, V-stainless steel, V-gold, V-rose gold, W-stainless steel, W-gold, W-rose gold, X-stainless steel, X-gold, X-rose gold, Y-stainless steel, Y-rose gold, Z-stainless steel, Z-gold, Z-rose gold
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 10MM

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