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Beauty moisturizing whitening face mask ion light wave

Beauty moisturizing whitening face mask ion light wave

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First, product features Selecting the natural gemstone tourmaline in the Shanghai Geological Museum, the tourmaline polycrystalline composite wafer made of nano-superfine, acts on the facial acupoints, and has the unique penetration and activation force of the 'bio-ion light wave' through the composite crystal piece. Metabolism, can effectively penetrate the skin to a depth of 9 mm, and produce high-frequency micro-spoke vibrations at the acupuncture points, revitalize basal cells and deep-sleep cells, strengthen elastic fibers, smooth flat wrinkles, accelerate facial blood flow, and partially Shock necrotic cells are excluded from the body. The tourmaline polycrystalline composite wafer can release natural negative ions, which can remove the oxidized free radicals from the dermis layer to the epidermis, promote skin microvascular blood circulation, dilute the deposition pigment, enhance cell vitality, and thus achieve freckle. , skin firming, skin rejuvenation, skin rejuvenation, skin-light effect. 

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