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Cinnabar Patron Saint Pendant Natural Purple Gold Sand

Cinnabar Patron Saint Pendant Natural Purple Gold Sand

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Product information:
Treatment Process: Polishing
Color: Small size Thousand-Hand Kwan-yin, small size void Tibetan bodhisattva, small size instrument Bodhisattva, small size Puxian Bodhisattva, small size Mahasthamaprapta, small size Vairocana, small size Amitabha Buddha, large acalanatha, large small size, large instrument Bodhisattva, large Puxian Bodhisattva, large size Mahasthamaprapta, large size Vairocana, large size acalanatha, large Amitabha Buddha, small size nude pendant set, large nude pendant set, small size plus rope set, large plus rope set
Material: purple sand
Shape: Geometric
Popular elements: fu character
Style: New Chinese style

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Necklace * 1

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