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Colorful nail polish

Colorful nail polish

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Name: Sparkling Sparkle
Capacity: 5ml
Color: 6 colors
Curing: UV/LED light
-Quality is our top priority.
-Almost no smell
-The color will remain shiny for up to 30 days.
-Optional Hotting color, suitable for all occasions.
-1. Shaping nails. Gently brush the surface of the nail plate. disinfect.
-2. Apply a layer of foundation from the epidermis to the free edge (remember to seal the edge of the nail). Heal the nails for 10 seconds under the LED lamp and 2 minutes under the UV lamp.
-3. Apply a thin layer of gel to the polishing color of your choice. Free brim. Curing: 30 seconds in LED lamp, 2 minutes in UV lamp.
-4. Repeat the second layer of thin nail polish soaked nail polish. Cure for 30 seconds under LED light, or 2 minutes under ultraviolet light.
-5. Apply paint. Free brim. Curing: 30 seconds in LED light.
-6. Use a cleanser to remove sticky residue from the nails. Then apply nourishing cuticle oil to rehydrate the moisture in the skin around the epidermis and nails.

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