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Cordless beard knife

Cordless beard knife

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Material: ABS
Power mode: rechargeable
Cleaning method: body wash
Shaver charging time: 8 hours
Shaver head: geometric knife net
Maximum power: 3w
Color: electroplated silver, electroplated gold, electroplated blue
Specification: 16x6cm

Geometric knife net. 360 degree veneer. Can be used in one machine, can be matched (nasal hair, repair head, face brush)

Product introduction:
1: Ergonomic design.
2: Rotating 3 cutter head double ring blade, three-dimensional cutter head structure.
3: Charging and discharging indicator.
4: Body wash design, can be washed directly with tap water.
5: Pop-up long hair trimming file.
6: Gift brush, knife net cover.
7: The official standard of the whole machine: 1 razor, 1 charger, 1 protective cover, 1 cleaning brush, 1 manual, 1 color box



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