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Cosplay1 meter multi-color headgear

Cosplay1 meter multi-color headgear

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Can be dyed hot: can be dyed
Apply skin tone: any skin tone
Applicable face: any face type
Length: 100cm

1. elegant design.
2. The hair is soft and straight, it is not easy to tie, easy to care for.
3. The color is bright and natural, the effect is good.
4. Wear throughout the year, be it clothing, fashion or entertainment.
Role play / party / costume / carnival / Halloween / April Fool's Day / Masquerade performance.
5. Try a different look.

Hair tips:
1. Put the wig on the wig so that it is fit before using it.
You can trim or trim your favorite styles.
3. Don't try to make every hair perfect. This can make your wig look "unnatural."
4. Use wig brushes, combs and other styling accessories. It is easier to make shapes and extend life.
5. Try a different look.

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