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LED Nail Art Lamp Gel Dryer Nail Art Lamp Mobile Phone Modeling Curing UV Gel

LED Nail Art Lamp Gel Dryer Nail Art Lamp Mobile Phone Modeling Curing UV Gel

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Product information:

Product name: LED rainbow light USB phototherapy machine

Product model: 9W

Product specifications: 15CM*4CM*4CM

Color: 5 colors available: red, rose, white, black, champagne

Product net weight: 55g

Product with color box weight: 76g

Color box size: 15*5.5*4.5cm

Product list: Nail lamp 9w*1

how to use:
Click the default time of 30s, connect the adapter, and press and hold for 60s.

Do not use the nail lamp when the adapter fails.
Do not let any liquid enter the machine, otherwise it may cause damage.
The machine comes with an internal overheating detection function, which automatically reduces the output power when the heat is too high to protect the internal components from damage.
Please use it correctly, and unplug the adapter when you leave.
Do not turn on for more than 600 minutes, otherwise the life of the nail lamp will be shortened.
Do not look directly at ultraviolet rays and long-term exposure. Ultraviolet radiation may cause damage to eyes and skin.


This speed takes only 30 seconds, no matter how difficult it is to bake glue, it really only takes 60 seconds! Since then, the operation of nail polish has become so convenient and simple, compact and mini.

Note: 1: This rainbow light uses USB or 5V1A power supply (rated voltage 5V, rated current 1A)

Two: Rainbow lights are LED lights. This LED lamp can only be used for nail polish, QQ glue, LED glue, Barbie glue, nail polish sealer, nail polish base glue can dry, UV glue does not dry.

Dual light source: Will not harm eyes and hands.
The LED is not fragile, the light is non-radiative, the temperature is not high, and it is almost harmless to your nails, so you can use it with confidence.
It is made of high-quality plastic, anti-cracking, anti-friction, and can be used for a long time.
It cures quickly and can be used for manicure and pedicure.
Very suitable for professional or family use.
The automatic induction mode is convenient, you only need to place your nails under the machine, or remove the machine when the nail polish is dry in a limited time.
Suitable for uv glue, led glue construction glue, nail art glue, etc.
Small and portable, you can carry it with you without adding a little weight.

Packing list:

1*Nail lamp +  USB data cable (Please note that we only provide USB data cable, no plug.)

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