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Longfeng hair clipper electric clipper oil head electric clipper

Longfeng hair clipper electric clipper oil head electric clipper

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1. Powerful motor, strong power and smooth cutting

Using a powerful motor, the clipper cuts hair smoothly, the operation is smoother, and the efficiency is higher and effectively avoids problems such as stuck hair.

2. Titanium ceramic blade, durable and smooth speed cutting

An engraving professional cordless electric clipper, using titanium ceramic blade sharp, durable, not easy to generate heat, lower noise, and high cutting efficiency

3. Streamlined body, easy to operate and comfortable to hold

Ergonomically designed streamlined body, comfortable to hold and easy to operate

4. Triple noise reduction, low vibration and low noise

Ceramic cutter head, effectively reduce friction noise; low-vibration motor, reduce mechanical noise; short shaft, reduce vibration and noise


Product name: professional electric clippers

Battery capacity: 1200 mAh

Blade material: titanium ceramic blade

Charging time: 3 hours

Use time: about 120 minutes

Charging method: USB

Rated power: 5W

Charging cable length: 1M

Host size: 152 * 32mm 

Package Content:

1 x Hair clipper (Including protective cover * 1),1 x USB cable,1 x oil lubricant,1 x battery charger,1 x cleaning brush,3 x limit comb,1 x manual

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