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Men's Beard Razor Blades

Men's Beard Razor Blades

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Product usage, eyebrow trimming, hair trimming, hair, and so on.
2.hairdressing, haircutting, thin roots, and ends, etc.
3.shaving. Men can use this blade instead of an electric razor. Do not hurt the skin, natural, and comfortable.
4.household and another multi-purpose usage, can be used in the kitchen and other places, such as removal of chicken, duck, goose or pigskin and other excess hair.

1. Made of high-quality stainless steel, light, thin, sharp, rust-proof and durable.
2. Thin and sharp blades of the highest quality, designed to fit different double-edged safety razors.
3. Extraordinary longevity. It stays sharp and smooth on multiple shaves.
4. Extremely sharp, smooth and comfortable, it can easily cut off men's beards.
5. Can be used for a long time, convenient and economical.

This blade must be handled carefully and has a sharp edge.If the use of the tool holder with, need to break apart a blade in half to use.


Size: 45*25*0.1mm

Package Content:

10 pieces/box

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