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Nail phototherapy gel base quick extension glue

Nail phototherapy gel base quick extension glue

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These products can be used with nails in combination with UV and LED lights.
There may be subtle differences in the images on your computer. If you care about the differences, please do not order.
Stay away from children
Keep away from sunlight and heat
Stay tight after use
Stop using it when you realize it
If the gel thickens at temperature, this is normal.

1. Gently rub the nail surface
2. If necessary, apply a thin layer of bone cement or natural nail primer
3. Apply Builder Gel and cure for 3 minutes. Other layers can be applied if needed
4. Place the nails in the UV for 3 minutes to completely cure the age.
5. Apply a second layer of gel and cure for 3 minutes.
6. Clean the nail with a lint-free nail towel soaked with detergent to remove the uncured adhesive layer.

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