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Nail polish

Nail polish

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142 colors in total

Step by step

Step 1 Clean the nails and then trim the nail surface in the usual manicure process.

Step 2 Shake the gel completely to balance the enamel color. (important)

Step 3 Apply the primer First, the enamel can be made more durable and cured with UV or LED lights! (required)

Step 4: Apply enamel directly, cure with UV light for 2-3 minutes or cure with LED lamp for 60 seconds; after drying, apply a second coat and cure with UB or LED light again!

Step 5 Apply a removable top layer to make the color brighter and then cure with a UV or LED light.

Step 6 Clean the nail surface with a nail cleaner. Note: Avoid using non-professional cleaning fluids as they may affect the quality of the final gloss coating.

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