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Nail Polishing Equipment

Nail Polishing Equipment

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product manual:

[Product Name] Nail 202 Sander

[Product color] pink, blue, black, silver, white, red, etc.

Input voltage: 220V AC
Color: gray, pink, white, black

【Product Usage】

202 nail polisher configuration details:

1.Quick mechanical clamping series handle 1PC (standard configuration)

2.6 stick grinding head 1SET (standard configuration)

3. Joystick bracket 1PC (standard configuration)

4.Foot switch 1PC (standard configuration)

5.Control box 1PC (standard configuration)


1. Applicable voltage range: 220V

2. Adopt fast mechanical clamping method to make clamping more reliable.

3. The operating lever has a unique heat dissipation device, which will not cause overheating and hot hands after long-term use.

4. Equipped with a foot switch for easier switching.

5. Stepless speed regulation, forward and reverse adjustment to meet the needs of various occasions


Numéro de modèle Perceuse à ongles
Couleurs Blanc, rose, noir
Puissance 15 W
Entrée 220 V-240 V, 50Hz 110 V-120 V, 60Hz
Gamme de vitesse 0-35000 tr/min
Taille 24.5*20.5*10 cm
Poids 1.2 kg
Détails de configuration

1. La machine principale 1 PC

2. Pièce à main 1 PC

3. Forets à ongles 1 jeu

4 pièces à main 1 PC

5. Panneau de pied1 PC

6. Utilisateur manua 1 PC

Certificat CE

013 010 012 008 003 031 HTB1OhgLazzuK1Rjy0Fpq6yEpFXaY 030

067 HTB17n1mbyAnBKNjSZFvq6yTKXXay[1]

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