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Natural Amethyst Agate Diy Non-porous Stone Beads

Natural Amethyst Agate Diy Non-porous Stone Beads

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Product information:
Type: Stone
Treatment Process: Polishing
Color: 16mm green aventurine (single piece),16mm good pink crystal (single piece),16mm black agate (single piece),16mm Amethyst (single piece),16mm gray agate (single piece),16mm red agate (single piece),16mm white agate (single),,16mm unakite (single, 16mm Tigereye (single),16mm Red Jasper (single),16mm Topaz (single),16mm Indian agate (single),16mm pallisandro Classico synthetic (single) (synthetic),16mm blue sandstone synthetic (single) (single) (synthetic),16mm Opal synthetic (single) (synthetic),16mm watermelon red synthetic (single) synthetic),16mm Blue Gold (single),16mm purple mica (single),16mm white crystal (single),16mm blue turquoise synthetic (single),16mm spotted Stone (single),16mm light pink crystal (single),16mm blue dot Jade (single),16mm serpeggiante (single),16mm fluorite (single),16mm White turquoise (synthetic) (single),16mm sodalite (single),16mm Amazon (single),16mm blue agate (single),16mm Yellow Agate (single),16mm green agate (single),16mm Cherry agate (single),16mm Golden Swan (single),16mm drawing Stone (single),16mm purple agate (single)
Material: Crystal

Packing list:
Round beads x1pc
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