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Notebook case

Notebook case

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Style: notebook
Liner sleeve material: sponge

product manual

● Tailored for laptops, can be used as an inner bag or can be carried separately
● Flexibility and high density, comfortable feel, double protection of the body, effectively prevent collision
● Dustproof, anti-static, anti-skid marks, waterproof and breathable, long-term use without deformation
product information
Name: liner bag
color: gray
Function introduction:

Shockproof: If the love machine is accidentally hit or dropped on the ground, the notebook bag can effectively reduce the damage caused by the collision.
Waterproof: The waterproof function here refers to the anti-splashing function accurately. The inner bag can effectively prevent rainwater, water vapor, etc.

Anti-abrasion and anti-scratch: The instructions for using the notebook regularly, the original beautiful notebook casing will have problems such as paint drop and scratches soon after use. This is because when we use the laptop, we often use the machine Take out the bag and put it in. If you only use the outer bag, it is easy to wear off the paint on the edge of the notebook. If you add a laptop bag, these problems will be solved.

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