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Rainbow10 Smart Nail Phototherapy Machine

Rainbow10 Smart Nail Phototherapy Machine

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Model: Rainbow10
Net content: 440g
Nail product category: phototherapy machine, nail lamp, nail dryer, automatic nail machine, automatic nail machine, intelligent nail machine
Specifications: Rainbow10 Nail Phototherapy Machine USB
color: White
Color Category: White
Nail Tools: Nail Dryer
Nail lamp: phototherapy lamp
Suitable for skin type: general

Product model: Rainbow10 nail phototherapy machine
Power: 36W (MAX)
Number of lamp beads: 18 lamp beads
Weight: 440g
Power supply mode: USB
Rated output: AC100-240v 50/60HZ 5V/2A
Dimensions: 225.5mm×156.5mm×79.5mm
Wavelength: 365nm+410nm

⒈Sunlight manicure, no eye damage, no black hands
⒉Dual light source (365+410nm) LED baking UV phototherapy glue, extension glue and LED nail polish, etc.
⒊LED lamp beads are evenly distributed, no dead corners of the grill, and more freedom
⒋ 50000 hours life

Instructions for use:
⒈The machine is connected to the data line, connected to the power supply, and the machine is in standby state
⒉Press the corresponding timing button to set the curing time at 30 seconds/60 seconds/90 seconds
⒊The nail light will automatically start and end according to the set time. Nail phototherapy opportunities work according to the previously set time, unless you adjust or set a different time.
⒋The machine has an intelligent induction system, retracted into the machine, the intelligent induction system will automatically start the machine, the working time is 60s
⒌The nail phototherapy machine can be connected to the computer, mobile power supply and power adapter (5V/2A)

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