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Smart induction timing quick-drying light

Smart induction timing quick-drying light

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Nail product category: Nail lamp
Color: pink

product description:
-54W power, dry nail polish faster: fast baking glue, greatly reducing the time waiting for nails
-Dual light source UV/LED lamp beads: 18 built-in dual light source lamp beads, which can dry UV phototherapy glue/elastic glue/nail polish and functional glue
-Simulated daylight: use non-ultraviolet light at work, use fluorescent LED lamp beads to filter the light waves of black hands, avoiding black hands and glare problems caused by UV ultraviolet lamps
-LCD LED display, three-speed timing design: 30S / 60S / 90S can be set to different times according to different needs. Avoid forgetting time and over cooking
-Intelligent infrared induction technology: start working only when needed, free your hands, stir and start, stop and close
-USB interface / multiple power supply methods: universal USB interface, more free to use, nail art anytime, anywhere

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